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English Program

Essay Competition:

Peak’s Writing Contest Classes prepare students to enter and win a variety of writing competitions. Under the teacher’s guidance, students will learn about and choose contests throughout the calendar year. As they explore different genres such as short story, sci-fi / fantasy, critical essays, poems, etc., they will discover their passions and strengths and then learn to focus their efforts on what they write best. Through expert instruction, example essays, and constant revision, students will develop advanced writing skills and increase their chances of winning some of America’s most prestigious writing awards.

English 3:

Students will work on various aspects of English including reading, writing, vocabulary, and grammar. They will read both nonfiction and fiction texts to build strong reading comprehension skills and learn to use important components that create strong paragraphs in writing. In addition, they will develop their vocabulary knowledge that will enhance and strengthen their reading and writing skills.

English 4 & Up

Peak’s English comprehensive program helps students improve their reading, writing, vocabulary, and grammar skills. Above all, the lessons train students to become better writers. Students read, analyze, and write essays based on award-winning books. Students also write essays on a wide variety of interesting topics. Furthermore, students learn and memorize new vocabulary words to write more precisely, and they also learn grammar and punctuation rules to write correctly.

Reading Club:

The students will have opportunities to read a variety of books with their teacher, discuss the books, and share their ideas. By reading and discussing the books, they will also develop their reading comprehension skills. Through the book discussions, the students will also have the opportunity to develop their listening and speaking skills that will improve their higher-order thinking skills and increase their confidence. The Reading Clubs will lead the students to actively engage in understanding texts and cultivate their love for reading.